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I started out with no plan.  I was eating everything and anything.  I knew I needed help with my nutrition and Heather put me on a easy to follow plan.  I also had a goal to run a 10 mile race.  I am on track to run that race this Fall.  I follow a daily plan for running that is helping me to reach my goal.

~Mike C

After my last knee surgery, I had a difficult time getting back into a workout routine mostly due to pain but as that subsided, life just seemed to get in the way.

I started working for myself almost 5 years ago and was filling my days with so much client work that finding any time to get to the gym was difficult. Driving 30 minutes to and from the facility seemed to take too much time from my day and my work. I’d get to the gym, jog for 15 minutes and some weights for 15 minutes and rush back to my computer.

I ended up buying an elliptical machine thinking I’d be able to do an hour a day or what would have been the drive to the gym. But then even that hour seemed too precious to give up.

Finally, something had to change. I started using the machine more consistently and getting out on my bike but I still needed to be more motivated. I needed someone to push me.

Oh a whim, I searched for a trainer that would come to my house.

We had an initial meeting during which we discussed my goals, my past fitness activities and Heather’s qualifications. She came prepared with detailed information about her experience and her own personal fitness story.

Heather came to my house and worked out with me. She brought items for our sessions but left plans for me to follow between sessions which I could do with any existing equipment in my home (or no equipment at all). Plans built upon the previous week in terms of intensity and were tailored to my time constraints. She keeps track of progress and where I need more work as well as what I am doing on my own. She is always prepared with a plan but has been able to adapt as needed should anything have come up (like too much golf or simply an old injury acting up). She has pushed me to do my best and to push my body but she is cognizant of limitations. She is also knowledgeable and fun to workout with.

Knowing she will be here keeps me doing my homework and working hard between sessions. Since I started, I have lost weight (about 20 lbs), fit into a size or two smaller, have gotten stronger and just feel better. I thought I would just do a few sessions as a jump start, but I have continued working with Heather and making an investment in my health.    ~Janna W

Heather is great! She is professional, knowledgeable, and encouraging. The free consultation time allowed me to share my goals, and then she designed a workout to help me reach them. Our first actual workout session was tough, in a good way, and she pushed me to work harder than I ever would have on my own. Having a personal trainer is new to me, and Heather has helped me not be intimidated about being a work in progress! I am confident she can help you meet your goals too.  ~Melissa T

Heather is amazing, truly the best! I love and appreciate her constant motivation, plus she keeps the workouts challenging.   ~Toni P

This is me at my heaviest.  I just gave up at this point.  AND now today  I weigh 70 lbs less  and have completed numerous triathlons and can't believe I ever thought that I would spend the rest of my life in pain and unhappy. Losing the weight changed my life and that's why I want to help you change yours.  

Heather Cunningham

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