April 30, 2016


So let's be honest...you are probably reading this with nefarious thoughts.  But I really want to talk to you about your plate and what are you putting on it.  Although many of us try to eat healthy there is just no way to out run the fork.  It seems to catch up with...

April 16, 2016


On the eve of Boston Marathon, many of us get the “if onlys”.  

If only I could run like that.

If only I wasn't so old.

If only I wasn't so out of shape.


If only I had the time to train.


THEN, I am sure I would do it or at least try.  Man, those people are an inspiration...

April 14, 2016



Based on numerous legislative pushes and our obesity crisis, our labels are quietly changing.  While shopping today this is what I found:


 Calories COUNT!  Well that they do!  But I have to be honest, I had to stare at  the machine to find the calories on it.  C...

April 9, 2016



5 reasons why I ditched the gym and other weight loss programs

Today I was walking to the craft store for some materials for an upcoming workshop, and went past a popular weight loss center.  The center was bustling.  I was struck...why? You don't need it nor the gym....

April 4, 2016



I am asking you why do you exercise?  What motivates you to start, to get off the couch to move, to put down the giant bag of chips and go to class?



To be honest with you readers, I used to be motivated by personal wellness and the scale- oh and that I c...

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