May 27, 2016

Beatrice is on vacation, the computer system is malfunctioning, the copier is broken, your biggest client wants the order now and its not ready, the boss left you in charge and went on a urgent business trip.  So you have been working extra hours and the work out routi...

May 18, 2016




I often get asked about sugar.  Then come the questions!  How much to eat...then when I say well not much because you know sugar is hidden everywhere...blah blah blah... WELLL, what about aspartame, truvia, etc!

Sugar and artificial sweeteners is a debate t...

May 13, 2016



OK...I admit it!  I forget stuff, names and faces A LOT! It's really hard for me.  So when I was trying to tell a story the other day and it included "well you know and who is that and whats his name",  I was really frustrated when the story lost its impact.  No...

May 6, 2016





While I don't usually like to post these pictures for obvious reasons, this was a client request.   I hope you can all see that it is more than possible to make the changes in your body.  You have to start small, be committed, and ask for HELP!  

I have pr...

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