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How Can I Lose Weight

August 10, 2016

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I don't recognize it

May 6, 2016





While I don't usually like to post these pictures for obvious reasons, this was a client request.   I hope you can all see that it is more than possible to make the changes in your body.  You have to start small, be committed, and ask for HELP!  

I have previously blogged about my personal journey but I will tell you again that it is a DAILY struggle to stay on target with portion size, exercise, and I am a PERSONAL TRAINER! 

I will promise you this...you WILL feel better.  It is hard and a struggle but I have never felt better.  Not just because I look better but because for the first time in my life my body functions like it is supposed to!  

I don't need medication before running or because my lungs can't make enough air for my weight.   My knees and ankles don't hurt anymore (ok little fib here- I am still healing a serious ankle sprain- but that doesn't count).  Losing the weight took all



that pressure off my body and the best part is I eat more now and than I did then.  If you want to know how I did it or want to get more information...contact me here or at 609-4MY-HLTH

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