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Should We Run On Coffee?

I love coffee and I frequently down my giant mug with guilty pleasure hoping not to see a client in the drive through. But is this guilt well deserved? It all depends on what is in your coffee. How much cream and sugar are you putting in there? I'm guilty of not drinking black coffee but to try to get you on that team here is why you want to try:

1. Coffee gives you more energy! Really?- it took a research study to figure this one out!

2. Black coffee will boost your metabolism which helps you burn more fat. WHAT?! Those endless

dreadmill hours can end by switching to black coffee...yes it's true. Exercise is the only other well documented way to boost metabolism.

3. Coffee will increase your athletic performance. You want to win that 5k or just wrastle those kids to bed has got your back. Some people noticed an increase in performance by 11%! GEESH! I need to get on board with this during my triathlons...too bad coffee makes me pee something fierce...I would need a port-a-pottie every mile!

4. May lower your risk of TYPE 2 DIABETES. The mechanism here seems sketchy. In fact, once people have diabetes, caffeine seems to raise blood sugar levels AND when people were fed carbohydrates and caffeine (think cream and sugar) everyone's blood sugar went up. But there is evidence that with plain black coffee, some people are less likely to develop Type 2.

5. Coffee may help you prevent Alzheimer's disease. Coffee seems to block inflammation in the brain along with positively affecting tau proteins (tau tangles can kill brain cells). This is huge!

6. May lower the risk of Parkinson's disease. Coffee may help by

blocking adenosine receptors and increasing dopamine in the brain. This is why the imbalances happen with movement and balance.

7. Coffee seems to help protect the liver especially from scarring from cirrhosis or other degenerative liver diseases. It appears that antioxidants in the coffee are helpful for this healing.

So if you still aren't convinced to put down the cream and sugar...consider restricting it for the awesome benefit of your brain and liver. And don't lie; you know you want to be the winner so there is that benefit too! And stop feeling guilty when you reach for cup number 4-5 of black are just protecting yourself!

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