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Leaving a Trail of E-Crumbs

Recently, the tragic deaths of runners has made me reconsider running alone. However, after a week of not being able to find a running buddy who could meet on my crazy schedule I started looking on how to be safe and ALONE!

So I will be honest with you, I do have pepper spray- half the time though, I forget to bring it with me. Therefore, my running safety with pepper spray is limited because it's in the car or the house. Not very helpful. I do think I will make a better effort to carry it more often.

However, I did find the best little app ever that is easy to use, doesn't drain your battery and well keeps track of you. It's call Road ID app and its PERFECT for what I wanted and maybe you.

Here's what it does- it tracks where you are by leaving a trail of e-crumbs like little red robin hood. Here's the part that I really liked- if you stop moving for ANY reason for more than 5 minutes the app will notify your pre-arranged contacts that you have stopped moving. It also alerts you in case, you stopped to say pet the friendly dog, go to the potty, etc so that no one sends out the cavalry unnecessarily. You can also let you pre-arranged contacts know that you are leaving for a run/walk/etc and how long you expect to be gone and when you are done send another message indicating the you are safe.

Road ID has been famous for identification while you were exercising- think about it- when you are running, walking, swimming you often don't have your wallet with you. What happens if you have a medical emergency- no one knows who you are. Scary!

In any case, I can't recommend this app and/or wrist badges enough.

Thanks @roadid for getting me out there again.

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