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Getting Real

Loving your body is really hard. Trust me I know every blemish, wrinkle and bump on mine. But this week I was confronted with being skinny shamed! Now those who know me know that I have ALWAYS struggled with my weight so this was a new one for me.

Whist working out, a person told me I would never understand the struggle of being heavy or having to diet etc. Well, I looked at this person like they had 2 heads. ARE YOU SERIOUS! I struggle with this issue daily. In fact prior to working out, I ate some jelly beans and still feel guilty about it.

Other person," But look at you, you are so perfect."

Me: "I actually have my own issues just like everyone else."

Other person:" You just don't get what its like to be big."

Me: Long tirade on how I used to bigger etc.

Now, I should have probably handled this situation much better but I was so taken aback that I was now considered skinny. In my own head, I am still large and in charge. It is how my mind focuses. When you struggle with weight for numerous years this is a common problem. Deeply burrowed in your thoughts is a fear that you will gain it all back AGAIN- especially if you have yo-yoed before.

This is why I love coaching people to love their body because its honest and real. There is no perfect body. You just have to decide what feels healthy for you and what goals you have.

Set lifestyle goals rather than weight goals and you will be much happier

with your results. For example, would you like to be run all the way to the mailbox- don't laugh that was my first goal. (my mailbox is only maybe 20 yards from the house and it was a tough run) Then make it happen.

Then move on from there. Your body will keep pace and reward you for your efforts.

So today- love yourself no matter what size!

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