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Are You an Endo, Ecto, or Meso?

Body types and how your body functions is a main component of how you will lose weight, metabolize food, and maintain goals. We all know people who are long, lean, can eat anything and exercise at your Ectomorph. Sounds like a dream but it can be hard to build muscle and gain weight.

Mesomorph (my dream) are naturally athletic and thus their body is primed for maintaining a healthy weight.

Endomorphs (RAISE YOUR HAND) tend to be larger in stature, and struggle with weight loss and maintenance. Historically this was ideal because we maintained through famine.

So does it really matter how I eat or exercise based on my body type? Yes! When people ask me how I have maintained my 80+ pound weight loss it's because I am eating/exercising for what works for my body type.

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