What's Trending in 2017

We finally made it! 2017 is right around the corner. It has been a year of many changes for PembrokeFitWorks but we are proud to say that we are happily continuing on into 2017 as trendy as ever. So what will be the hottest fitness trends this year? Are you a hot or a not? Let's find out! 1. Wearable technology- Garmins, Misfits, Fitbits, etc are super big and the more they do the better. Look for technology that will sync your heart rate with your activities as well as monitor your sleep. Coming as well is active wear that is technology based. Not sure how I feel about all this. I love records and progress but sometimes you just need to unplug. 2. Body weight training- This is using

Everything is Turning Up Red and Green

Christmas is almost here and you like most people are probably putting up all sorts of decorations! As I look out my window currently, it is snowing and the wreath on the window is adorned with a beautiful red bow. How lovely. But what does this have to do with anything I normally talk about- like eating or exercising. Unlike our four legged friends, we eat with our eyes rather than our noses. So the smelly garbage, despite being full of delicious leftovers looks gross so we won't eat it. Same idea with the drain catch in the sink, 10 seconds ago that food was yummy on your plate, now in the bottom of the sink its toxic waste. All visual eating! Further, research indicates that we are r

Age Better with Veggies!

If you are like me, getting older just scares you. I will be honest with you, I stayed in my bed the whole weekend I turned 30 and cried. It was tragic. I was so old- I thought. As we all know, I was just a baby- literally. The aging process isn't the kindest and we don't like to admit that our bodies change and morph into something that we may not recognize from days long ago. We may no longer have tight, glowing skin or molasses hair or the sharpest mind but does it have to go that way? Do we have to groan when we stand or sit? Do our joints all have to crack? Seems like the answer is no! And the solutions are surprising simple. 1. You have to keep moving! Sedentary bodies don't

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