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What's Trending in 2017

We finally made it! 2017 is right around the corner. It has been a year of many changes for PembrokeFitWorks but we are proud to say that we are happily continuing on into 2017 as trendy as ever.

So what will be the hottest fitness trends this year? Are you a hot or a not? Let's find out!

1. Wearable technology- Garmins, Misfits, Fitbits, etc are super big and the more they do the better. Look for technology that will sync your heart rate with your activities as well as monitor your sleep. Coming as well is active wear that is technology based. Not sure how I feel about all this. I love records and progress but sometimes you just need to unplug.

2. Body weight training- This is using your own body as the resistance. Do not confuse this with strength training in which you lift weights.

3. HIIT- High intensity interval training. This is high intensity of exercise followed by rest. Usually only 30 minutes long. The idea here is that the intensity of the program will increase cardio gains and will burn more calories even after the workout has ended!

4. Strength training- Pumping iron even a little is linked to more muscle mass which decreases risk for osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and many more. This should be a trend you jump on!

5. Yoga- Yoga is a great form of exercise for all ages and abilities. You don't have to be able to get into any poses to go to a class. Just make sure you read the descriptions carefully because all yoga is not created equal.

6. Personal Training- Yippee! No bias here! Personal training especially home and boutique training is on the rise. People are really busy and want a quick way to work out without having to fight the gym. Personal trainers are, in many states, required to be licensed and hold insurance. If you are not sure ask your potential trainer what training they have. They should be more than happy to share. All personal trainers should be AED/CPR/First Aid certified.

The benefit of personal training is that you have the personal attention, accountability, and focus on you. You also have someone to track your progress and help you achieve those goals. Always wanted a flatter tummy- well that trainer can help you get that!

7. Functional Fitness- This is another personal favorite! This is training your body to be able to work the best it can in the daily activities you have. For example, do you need to shovel snow today? Is it going to be hard? Well that is a movement that you can train and build muscles for.

Give this functional fitness test a try and see how you do:

Start from sitting crisscross legs on the floor and try to stand up without using your hands. If you can't, that's okay- just give me a call. I'll get you there in no time! (shameless plug)

8. Rollers- Foam rollers! If you haven't rolled out yet you really haven't lived. Okay that may be an exaggeration but they are fabulous. It is a great way to release the muscles and the myofascial tissue so you feel less sore and amazing after your workouts. My foam roller and stretching band are the two most popular pieces of exercise equipment in my home.

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