No time at all!

The number one excuse for not exercising is lack of time. I just don't have time to workout, work, take care of kids, cook, clean...ugh. I'm already stressed just thinking about getting it all done. Thing is to see change and benefit from exercise you need at minimum 90 minutes a week. For most people, if you sleep 7 hours a night, this is less than 3% of your time. 90 minutes ALL week! For just 90 minutes, you can reduce your risk of diabetes, control blood glucose, reduce LDLs, reduce cortisol, increase endorphins, nevermind lose weight! Just take the step and give it a try.

Out of the Box!

Does any one eat at home anymore? Seems that the average American eats about 4-5 commercially prepared meals a week. To be honest I was with food allergies, I rarely eat out so I cook 99% of our families meals and blindly assumed everyone else did too. Realize despite the convenience of eating out, many restaurant portions are just out of whack. My family recently dined at a well known Italian restaurant. Everyone came home with doggie bags as the portions were enough for 3 people. But do you have any idea how many calories you are eating and the amount of work it takes to get rid of that size portion? One family member had 3 bread sticks, salad, and shrimp alfredo. Sounds

I want it now!

So how long will it take to see results? After all I'm paying alot of money and... This is a common issue that comes up in training. To be honest, I give the standard answer you will get the results over time typically 6-8 weeks IF you stick with the PLAN. This all sounds terrific in consultation but then it's Friday night and the crowd is out for beer and wings...who wants to miss out because they are eating clean. Awesome results are possible and can come quickly. A client had started her journey without a trainer a few months ago and entered the dreaded plateau. Not seeing any progress despite healthy diet and aerobic exercise, she decided to give me a try. After two sessions, she was

Its Personal!

Inspired by a meeting today, here goes! I more than understand how hard it is to change your body. It is a forever struggle... It's been a lifetime of weight cycling, deprivation, diets, and everything else you have also probably heard of for me to try to lose weight. My maximum weight was 220lbs. I was very discouraged and upset. I don't know why that bothered me or if it was that I no longer fit into "regular ladies" sizes. It was just a tipping point for me. I was so educated on health and fitness. How could this have happened? To hide my feelings and problem, I ate more and exercised less.Exacerbated the weight gain and did nothing to improve my energy level or mood. I finally bro

Can the Coffee- NEVER!

Early morning stop for your cup of coffee? Does the caffeine really work as well as you want? Are there healthier substitutes? Some research suggests you may be just as satisfied eating an apple especially if you workout in the morning. I don't believe variety if you are partial to pink lady like I am go for it! However, apples obviously do not contain any caffeine so clearly there is no chemical boost. Some research indicates that caffeine may help some athletes complete strenuous activities and burn more fat. Perhaps they best solution here is to eat your apple and then have a cup of black coffee. Remember it's the cream and sugar that get you. ☕

Sagging neck no more

A common complaint for many people as we age, is the well..."chicken neck". You can minimize the issue by a few simple exercises. Be sure to go easy or you will end up with a sore jaw line like me but all for beauty. 1. Act like a fish gasping for air. This will tighten the muscles in the neck 2. Chew gum 3. Act like a cow chewing. Be careful on this one especially if you have any jaw issues. If nothing else you will have fun doing these exercises.

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