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Does any one eat at home anymore? Seems that the average American eats about 4-5 commercially prepared meals a week. To be honest I was with food allergies, I rarely eat out so I cook 99% of our families meals and blindly assumed everyone else did too. Realize despite the convenience of eating out, many restaurant portions are just out of whack. My family recently dined at a well known Italian restaurant. Everyone came home with doggie bags as the portions were enough for 3 people. But do you have any idea how many calories you are eating and the amount of work it takes to get rid of that size portion? One family member had 3 bread sticks, salad, and shrimp alfredo. Sounds delicious and not unreasonable...that 1 meal totals 1790 calories. Depending on your frame size, to burn this off you would need over 2 hours on the elliptical or more than 90 minutes of a 6 mph run. Now, I know what you're thinking, I'm going to eat what I want because it makes me happy, it's convenient, easy, etc...but is it? How much are you really spending to feel this way? The average family is spending about $300 on eating out. Are you spending that money on getting fit? Want to learn more about nutrition or exercise?

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