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3 Ab Exercises I Do EVERY DAY!

Abs can be very elusive. Hiding themselves away protective layers. Even though your abs may not "show" you want to work on those inner core muscles to focus on balance, stability, and back strength. I know the allure of a 6 pack with a V cut is hard to deny but those deep core muscles are really important trust me.

I focus daily on these 3!


Make sure your shoulders and elbows are in line. Draw in the abs by pulling the belly button towards the spine and tighten the glutes. Keep the body in one long line from heels to shoulders.


Start with you shoulders, elbows, and wrists all in line and your hips and knees squared so you are in a quadruped position. Then raise right arm to shoulder height at the same time as lifting left leg to hip height. Repeat on other side. Draw in abs by pulling belly button into spine.


Start by lying on your back. Raise your arms with your hands in line with your shoulders. Raise your legs with knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Then lower left arm and right leg to the floor keeping other limbs in position. Repeat on other side. Draw in belly by pulling button to spine.

Try these each day. Start with 1 set of 12 and watch those core muscles develop.


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