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So You Bought a Dog...

Yippee! You have a new doggo and want to run with it. You and doggo want to run so how do you get started.

  1. Make sure you have a doggo that is able to run! Doggos without muzzles tend to have a harder time running long distances. Also you want to wait on all breeds until the doggo is at least 1.5 years old before starting

  2. Remember just like you doggo needs to start slow. Dogs need to build muscle and endurance. Just because they can't tell you it's too hard doesn't mean it isn't too hard. You wouldn't make your first run 15 miles. Start out walking. Then walk run. Then take it to a short run

  3. Teach your doggo cues for "let's go", "slow down" "whoa" "left" "right" etc so that you can navigate trails, paths easily.

  4. Bring water for doggo just like you.

  5. Be sure to be mindful of surfaces. Hot pavement, slippery paths, wet leaves may be nothing for you in $300 sneakers but can be very hard on tender pads.

  6. MAKE IT FUN! Running can be a great way to bond with your doggo!

Fun things to consider buying for doggo running:


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