Downward dog is hard for a lot of people to get right! Be sure to check yourself in a mirror or video. You want flat feet and a nice triangle shape ideally. But of course start where you can start! THANKS for sticking with it this month. PM me if you made it through all 31 days!

Don't bite anyone!

Cobra stretch works the arms and the stretches out the abs. You know the worked hard this month.

Flying High

Time to stretch those back muscles! Make sure you engage that core as well- just because you are on your belly doesn't mean it can just hang out. Only 3 days left- whose making it to the end!


Flexibility training continues with cat stretch. This is so good for your back!

Wobbly Warrior

Here's proof that not all trainers can do every exercise perfectly nor get it right the first time. Yoga poses have always been a struggle for me. Trying holding both warrior 1 and warrior 2 for 30 seconds both sides.

Chairs are over rated

You have thighs of chairs needed for you. Bring it with this flab busting exercise.

Push it More

Reserve sit ups/glute lifts are the best for lower abs. Do you have that little pouchy thing that you want to get rid of...this is for you!

Get Down and Pushy

Downward dog is too easy for you now...lets add a push up to that. Be sure to have your downward dog positioning first- then add the push ups. Fabulous work for the shoulders


Time for Pfieffer Scissors and that's all I'm going to'll learn :) If you can do a whole minute- YIPPEE!

Let's add a little cardio

Running in places with high knees, not only builds up the core, thighs but is going to get that heart rate going. Aim for 30-60 seconds. You can do this. Stick with this people we are almost done the month!

Watch It Jiggle-No MORE!

Plie Squats will target those tough spots! This is a great squat to hit multiple muscle groups in one movement- want great bum, inner thigh, strong legs, sexy calves? This is your squat! Work up to 90 seconds of this jiggle busting awesomeness!

How high can you climb

Don't want to lie down to do ab work all the time? This is your day! Engage that tummy and climb away...aim for 1 to 2 minutes

Tap the Plank

Plank can be SOOOO boring but there are a lot of variations that make it a lot more FUN! Including this one! You will love this ab busting, shoulder working, sweat, producing plank....aim for a minute. You can do it.

Turn your self around-Its Side PLANK!

Tone that jelly roll and build super strong obliques. Stay at the bent elbow if you are a newbie or have any wrist issues. Aim for 30 seconds on EACH have 2 sides so do both.

Should We Run On Coffee?

I love coffee and I frequently down my giant mug with guilty pleasure hoping not to see a client in the drive through. But is this guilt well deserved? It all depends on what is in your coffee. How much cream and sugar are you putting in there? I'm guilty of not drinking black coffee but to try to get you on that team here is why you want to try: 1. Coffee gives you more energy! Really?- it took a research study to figure this one out! 2. Black coffee will boost your metabolism which helps you burn more fat. WHAT?! Those endless dreadmill hours can end by switching to black coffee...yes it's true. Exercise is the only other well documented way to boost metabolism. 3. Coffee will inc

My Bum is Falling Down...

No it won't! Not if you engage your tummy and tighten those glutes up to the sky. Glute bridges will keep those bums so nice and firm a new pair of jeans will be in order. Aim for 20!

Get a Little Bit Sideways

Side lunges can be tricky- make sure you are well balanced, hips are tucked under, tummy is engaged and see how low you can go. Aim for 10-15 on each side. On to the second half of the month. GEESH- where does the time go when you are lunging

No Howling Just BirdDoggin'

Birddogs are great for working the core, butt, and balance! Aim for 30-90 seconds. We are HALF way there! Stick with it people...July challenge is just that- a challenge. IF you want something you will find a way, otherwise you will find an excuse!


Although planking may not seem like the most exciting way to build great abs, you will get the best results this way. Aim for 30 seconds today

Push it!

Though in and outs are really "easy" they work those abs something fierce. Keep your back flat and try for 1 minute! You can do it.. We are almost half way!

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