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How Can I Lose Weight

I promised you no gimmicks and the truth is there is no quick and easy way to lose weight. Any program that promised that is most likely going to fail. If you are like me and been there and done that, then keep reading.

Losing weight is really hard and there is no simple solution.

If you are like me and you've tried it all AND I really mean it all from weight watchers, slim fast, jenny craig, whole30, 21 day fix, etc,etc and still not seeing the results I am sure that you are very frustrated. I know I was and to be honest I gave up and thought that I was destined to be in my overweight body forever.

Here are my 5 quick tips to get you going NOW:

1. Drink water before each meal. Not just a sip nor a little glass but 8 full oz before each meal.

2. Learn to love those veggies. Make 1/2 of your plate veggies- any veggie counts except corn and potatoes. GO WILD

3. Get off the SUGAR. It messes up so many processes in the body.

4. Don't drink your calories- soda, coffee, alcohol, etc can rack up calories fast. This is a quick was to drop calories.

5. Eat out less. Eating out even making wise choices often puts us WAY over our calorie counts. Staying home is often cheaper, smaller portions, AND less calories.

I know it's really hard and that is where PembrokeFitWorks is here to help you. Do you struggle to know what to eat? Think you are making good choices but just not losing the weight? Do you think you are eating a portion but well maybe it's really not? Have a bad sweet or salty tooth? Do you need to get motivated to get going on your exercise program? Do you know what exercises to do to maximize your workout time? Do you want to have to best body that you can have? Feel better? Sleep better? And have more energy? Sign up for a FREE consultation and figure out how PembrokeFitWorks can help you achieve your fitness goals.

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