How To Keep The Weight Off

So I get asked this alot- How long did it take you to lose your weight and how to you keep it off? And then follows the inevitable...if I worked out all day I could be thin as well. So let me set the record straight and tell you how I keep my weight off and how it is a struggle each and every day. 1. I track portions. SERIOUSLY. I know how much a portion is and with the exception of vegetables I don't go over. 2. I drink A LOT. Haha! Don't get excited- I don't drink at all. I gave up all alcohol and drink only water, coffee, tea, and the occasional seltzer and lemonade. A lot of your hunger cues are really thirsty cues. You are really thirsty and not hungry Make sure that you are pr

Why your resolution failed????

So here we are in March and many of us set resolutions WAY back in January. Remember that? We are going to.... And this year it's going to be.... And I am definitely going to... So why don't we make it? I know I have all the good intentions in the world but then somewhere along the way it all went to poop. 50% of us make resolutions and only 10% of us end up keeping them- so what gives. Where are we going wrong? If you have a resolution nagging you, try to get back on the wagon and make that change work for you. Here are some suggestions for you to get it rolling: 1. Your resolution isn't specific. Resolutions such as this year, I'll be happier or better are not measurable and you will

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