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Why your resolution failed????

So here we are in March and many of us set resolutions WAY back in January. Remember that? We are going to.... And this year it's going to be.... And I am definitely going to...

So why don't we make it? I know I have all the good intentions in the world but then somewhere along the way it all went to poop.

50% of us make resolutions and only 10% of us end up keeping them- so what gives. Where are we going wrong?

If you have a resolution nagging you, try to get back on the wagon and make that change work for you. Here are some suggestions for you to get it rolling:

1. Your resolution isn't specific. Resolutions such as this year, I'll be happier or better are not measurable and you will be able to get lost in the lack of specificity. Try to make it something you can tackle such as I want to lose 20 pounds or eat less ice cream.

2. You don't know why you are doing this. You won't stick to this resolution if you don't have a big why attached to it. If you really don't care that you eat a tub of ice cream a night but your spouse does that isn't going to be a big why for you when the cravings strike or the ho-hums kick in. However, if you want to lower your A1C because the doctor told you if you keep eating a tub of ice cream every night you will be going on insulin that would be your big why. A big why is different for have to determine why you are doing this and ultimately it has to be for you.

3. You're going it alone. No one knows what your resolution is so therefore no one can help you. The more you ask for help the more accountable you are and the more successful you will be. Humans need accountability- most of us are not driven by the pure love of work so we need that motivation to get it done. Ask your buddy, spouse, mother, child to hold you lovingly accountable.

4. You give up at the first set back. There will be set backs. This doesn't mean that you failed to keep your resolution. It's just a set back. Start again- don't give up on the whole process of change. To help you, set benchmarks along the way to make sure you are achieving your goals. For example to eat less ice-cream, If you have been eating a tub a night, set a bench mark in March that you would be at 1/4 tub a night. Remember it is all individualized so you can set your own benchmarks but be realistic. Don't go from eating a tub of ice-cream a night to nothing.

5. You have no plan. You need a game plan to be successful. How are you going to run a 5k in a month if you have been sitting on the couch since January? Just like you wouldn't go the marathon unprepared you need to have a plan for those resolutions besides, thinking about it.

Make sure you actually devote at least 5 minutes of your day to your resolution and that way you won't get overwhelmed and "run out of time" for your resolution. The most common reason people don't exercise is lack of time but most of us can carve out 30 minutes a day.

Set your plan up and get it going

6. Get a new perspective. Stop worrying about all the past failures or how this hasn't worked or how you haven't been able to get it done and it's already March. Everyday is a fresh start and just start again and again until you get it.

Remember if this resolution is important to you because of the big why you will get it eventually and don't let the inevitable set backs become permanent.

Reward yourself along the way for small successes. Then you will be able to keep that motivation moving forward for the rest of the year.

You are worth the changes so don't give up on yourself so easily!

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