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Its Personal!

Inspired by a meeting today, here goes! I more than understand how hard it is to change your body. It is a forever struggle... It's been a lifetime of weight cycling, deprivation, diets, and everything else you have also probably heard of for me to try to lose weight. My maximum weight was 220lbs. I was very discouraged and upset. I don't know why that bothered me or if it was that I no longer fit into "regular ladies" sizes. It was just a tipping point for me. I was so educated on health and fitness. How could this have happened? To hide my feelings and problem, I ate more and exercised less.Exacerbated the weight gain and did nothing to improve my energy level or mood. I finally broke down and went to the doctor who told me...duh I was a little overweight. I was also depressed. I just didn't know how to start a change. Why even get off the couch, put down the chips, they comfort me. Exercise made me hurt, sweat, and well to be honest not able to breathe. Why do it? Then one day inspired by who knows what, I got the brilliant idea after eating dinner #1 (you read correctly I ate two dinners) I would go running at the pembroke athletic track. Well, it was a disaster. Wheezing and breathing heavy before the first goal post. I knew I was in trouble. This had to end...Now! I started walking everywhere...then when that was too easy I added a little run. And I mean little...1/4 mile was really hard. No more junk food, no more fast food, no more soda. I have one rest day and eat what I want day. But after 2.5 years and 70 lbs later, I generally don't want much. I work out most days. I have to remind myself every day is this worth I want to feel like that again. Not able to get up, to have no energy, to feel blah. Exercise and nutrition gives you more than a good looking body but the clear mind and positive attitude to go with it. My dream is to help others transform and grow.

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