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Age Better with Veggies!

If you are like me, getting older just scares you. I will be honest with you, I stayed in my bed the whole weekend I turned 30 and cried. It was tragic. I was so old- I thought. As we all know, I was just a baby- literally.

The aging process isn't the kindest and we don't like to admit that our bodies change and morph into something that we may not recognize from days long ago. We may no longer have tight, glowing skin or molasses hair or the sharpest mind but does it have to go that way? Do we have to groan when we stand or sit? Do our joints all have to crack?

Seems like the answer is no! And the solutions are surprising simple.

1. You have to keep moving! Sedentary bodies don't like to start moving and they get all bound up. You need to keep things moving even if it is only to get the mail and back. Move even more each day!

Research has shown that those who exercise have a longer, more fulfilling lifespan than those who don't. This also helps to contribute to blood flow around the body allowing for more blood to get to the brain for better cognition!


2. Eat more vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, pumpkins, peppers, oranges, potatoes, kale, spinach and peas. It appears that the carotenoids in this vegetables help slow the memory decline in aging. So less senior moments- and better verbal acuity. In other words, you remember what the heck you were talking about!

These vegetables also help maintain eye health- guess I missed out on that one! Geesh!

3. Limit your stress and get to bed! As simple as these sound these are probably the hardest two! Most adults are way over committed and don't sleep the recommended 7-8 hours a night. Try to get to bed earlier at least a few nights a week. Determine what is causing all that stress and if it can be eliminated then by all means do so...if not then work to deal with your way of coping through meditation or exercise. Here is a link to a nice 5 minute guided meditation:

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