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#1 Trick to Jump Start Your Weight Loss

So here is the really isn't a secret.

You need to keep a food diary and log what you eat. Research shows that if you keep a record 6 days a week you are 2x more likely to lose more weight than a person tracking sporadically or not at all.

You are also more likely to lose weight!!!

So you tell me it is hard, annoying, and let's be frank tedious. But seeing those pounds come off for good is nothing short of brilliant.

Think about your motivation for needing to lose weight and that may help you track more thoroughly.

  1. Are you tracking that blood sugar for diabetes?

  2. Are you tracking your macros?

  3. Are you tracking your sodium intake?

  4. Are you tracking just calories?

  5. Are you tracking your nutrients?

Are you now thinking, WHOA! I should be tracking all of this! You can and its not that hard. You just need to be able to type food into your phone or computer and the rest is done for you. There are several programs that I like best:

  1. MyFitnessPal is a great overall tracker that will show you your calories, macros, nutrients, and sodium levels. Some items are hidden unless you pay for the premium version.

  2. Loseit is great for those of you that like to eat packaged foods as it has a scanning feature to just scan and track. The app/site does not track micronutrients so if you want to know if your sodium, magnesium, calcium are low this is not an option.

  3. Cron-o-meter is a great site that offers a terrific in depth tracking experience especially if you want to customize your needs because of a special diet or you're pregnant/lactating. The website is free but the app is not.

No matter what you decide, if it is an app, website, or paper- get tracking!


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