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But it's yucky outside!

Nice weather definitely makes exercise more motivating- I can't lie. A day like today there is nothing more I want to do than put on my jammies and climb under a blanket. Who wants to go out in drizzle and run! And well the treadmill is just so boring. I've nicknamed it the dreadmill. It serves a purpose but I really don't wake up and say, "Yippee! I am going to run on the treadmill today!" But that's just me...

So what do you do? Just call it quits and hide under that blanket and wait for warm days only or tough it out and run in the rain?

Having done both, I don't get that, "Wow! That was so awesome!" experience after running in the rain. In fact, I feel crummy and think this sucks. WHY?

Chances are living in NH, we don't have enough sunlight year round. This means that all this crummy weather makes us feel well down in the dumps. So being out in the rain only makes that lack of motivation more relevant. The couch is just calling out to you more and more-come lay on me...I am warm and cozy.

So we are back to sitting on the couch and in my case, stuffing capecod chips in my face! Not a healthy choice at all. Poor weather days are going to be a part of NH so try these simple exercises and get up, put down the chips, and get moving for at least 30 minutes. You will feel better. I promise- okay maybe!

1. Squats- pretend someone is stealing your chair out from under you as you try to sit! This will make you have a nice bum and strong thighs. No more jiggle.

2. March in place- pulling the knee up to the chest will actually work the abdominals.

3. Dips- Find a sturdy piece of furinture and sit on it. Coffee tables work great. Then push close to the edge. Hold on with just your forearm and then lower yourself just off the piece of furniture. You should be able to get rid of those flappy arms! (this is my favorite- sexy arms are the best)

4. For you adventurous types...there is always burpees! A day inside with burpees is never a bad day!


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