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What Your Personal Trainer is Thinking! Do You Want to Know???

Tell me if you love planking

1. Ask Me! I want clients to ask me all kinds of questions. Often I get so wrapped up in the minute details of the exercise and thinking about what's next and counting... I honestly forget the important questions such as:

How did that feel? Do you understand? Is that fun? Do you like that? What would you like to do next time? Remember all of this is for you and your goals...don't be afraid to say I hate that exercise and let's never do that again. Remember, I do this for a living- its all fun to me.

2. TELL ME IF IT HURTS! PLEASE! Exercise should never hurt. There is a big difference between pain and soreness. You should never be in pain. If you are in pain, please tell me. I want to change something now! I have a whole work out in my head but that doesn't mean we can't change and I won't get mad or disappointed. Soreness is sometimes part of the process. You may feel tender. Muscles that have long been neglected and are now waking up will protest and beg to be allowed to sit back on the couch.

3. I DON'T CARE about your hairy legs, arm pits, body odor or sweating. It really doesn't bother me. I promise. I probably didn't notice until you pointed it out- So stop worrying that I am looking to see if you need a lip wax or a root job, if I am looking at you it's to make sure you are in the correct position to avoid injury.

4. Don't lie to me about what you've been eating or how much homework you've done. If we have been working out and you are backsliding and you tell me you have been eating only healthy food such as kale smoothies and doing all your homework...what gives? We both know- I cheat and eat cookies should just come clean and fess up. We move forward from here. I won't yell and scream and throw all your food away. You know what needs to be done!

Don't Lie to Me

5. I am genuinely excited. I love this stuff. So when I tell you that's awesome you did your first ____________, I really do feel excited. I am not secretly thinking, Oh geesh...only one burpee- UGH! I am super pumped that you did one more than you have ever done before! I can't speak for all trainers but I know that with my own background and struggle with obesity every workout is a great one! And every first is important, whether you do one pushup or is all exciting. I just want to be there to celebrate your transformation.

Start somewhere

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