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What's in Your Easter Basket?

So you have been doing well on what you have been eating and then sneaks up....a holiday!

Easter Bunny

Worst still Easter! Now I am sure all your baskets are filled with fruit and eggs and all other healthy treats...

So what is lurky in that basket and how much egg hunting are you going to have to do to burn it off?

So in a typical basket:

Jelly Beans

1 bean- 4 calories ( I only eat one jelly bean)

1 peep- 32 calories

1 cadbury cream egg - 150 calories

1 chocolate bunny (2.5 oz solid) -370 calories

28 M and Ms - 142 calories

1 Reeses Egg- 90 calories

So class, if you eat all of this which, let's be honest most of us will before the ham is even will have consumed 788 calories. And I dare say that is a low estimate! (who only eats 1 peep and 1 jelly bean or counts out 28 MandMs?)

But to be fair, I will say you only ate 788 calories out of your Easter basket. To burn off 788 calories you will need to:

Run at 5mph for 1.3 hours

Chopping wood

Walk at 3.5mph for 2.8hours

Chop wood for 1.7 hours

UGH! That sounds fun! Now we all know you are going to eat more candy than this! Please consider making some better choices as you probably are not going to chop wood for roughly 2 hours after to "get rid of it". Remember, like all foods, the foods below have calories and (for the most part) are nutritionally dense and make you feel fuller longer.

1. Chocolate covered fruit (4 chocolate covered strawberries=164 calories)

2. Pretzels, crackers, etc (20 pretzels=110 calories)

3. Dark chocolate ( 1 kisses=25 calories)

4. Fruit Snacks (1 bag= 80 calories)

5. Marshmellows (notice what I did there) (1 marshmellow=23 calories)

6. Hardboiled Eggs (1 egg=80 calories)

7. Non-food items (0 calories)

Its all about moderation! Try to get some healthier items in your basket. Think about putting non-food items in and make your basket a combo as shown here!

You can do this and if you can manage not to eat your bunny ears off before breakfast- you are amazing! Now get out there and make healthier Easter Baskets!

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