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What's The POINT?


I am asking you why do you exercise? What motivates you to start, to get off the couch to move, to put down the giant bag of chips and go to class?


To be honest with you readers, I used to be motivated by personal wellness and the scale- oh and that I could fit into smaller dress sizes. Now I am not going to lie, I am motivated to win. So when I am struggling to finish, I simply tell myself, you have done this so many times before. As you know it hasn't always been easy. I developed a secret to getting through my long workouts when it's hard. (Believe me it's still hard many times) When I am struggling to get up a hill or through a swim, I pick an object like a pole, a bush, mailbox anything...and tell myself- just make it to that and then you will be okay. Of course, I know I have further to go but it works. Often I try to pick crests of hills so that at least I can breathe easier. I have pushed beyond what I thought I could on numerous occasions this way.

If I am going to be completely honest, I have made it through many a triathlon thinking about what I deserve to eat when I am done. Of course, I don't generally feel like eating it when I am done. But I have thought of everything from chocolate bars, chips, to strips of bacon. Whatever it takes to make me keep moving forward!

So as I sit here, on a snowy day in APRIL, trying to work up my motivation to get on the bike trainer AGAIN, share what gets you motivated.

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