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5 Reasons Why I Ditched The Gym! And other programs...

5 reasons why I ditched the gym and other weight loss programs

Today I was walking to the craft store for some materials for an upcoming workshop, and went past a popular weight loss center. The center was bustling. I was struck...why? You don't need it nor the gym.

Here's why:

  1. Equipment

You really don't need much. Learn a few key moves and you can train your whole body. Most people will be able to do ALOT will a few dumbells, resistance bands, and a yoga ball. Oddly enough many gyms don't offer (bands/balls) at all and it is by far very powerful.

2. No time

I never went to the gym or the program. Think about the first week when the kids go back to school or during vacation week...did you make it each day. Heck no! Especially if they were not kid friendly. What was I supposed to do with my kids when I am pumping iron? I already felt guilty leaving to work. Now, I'm leaving again to way. Many gyms also have no place for the tween crowd-too little for lifting and machines, too big for playgroup.

I am also done faster when I stay home. And I can choose the TV channel ( it's shallow, I know) See #4. I spent so much time commuting to the gym and back it began to add up to a 2-3 hour process.

3. Food isn't evil

No one food is evil. Nor should a certain food be banished, counted, eliminated…

This makes compliance long term nearly impossible. If I tell you, no chocolate- well now you are going to start wanting chocolates.

It's human nature. Weight management has ALWAYS been about how many calories you take in verses how many you burn off.

Change that balance and your weight will change. This is the dirty secret of the weight loss industry. There is no easy fix. You have to manipulate this energy balance equation. Sorry.

4. It's easier

Going outside to run or ride my bike is significantly easier than packing a gym bag, getting in the car, driving to the gym, parking, paying the meter, changing, FINALLY WORKING OUT, then repeat process in reverse.

Really? How is this at all motivating? And when it's nice outside, I waste my gym fee to exercise outside hmm.

5. You save money

Are you getting what you pay for? If you go to the gym daily, then you are most likely paying for your monthly investment. Those of you going 1-2 times a month, well the gym is making money off you. You barely use the services or equipment.

You have to go to make your membership pay for itself.

Like me prior to the ditch, I would do the exact same thing each time at the gym. I felt comfortable with those exercises and machines. No one pushed me nor asked my body to do more. I didn't know I was supposed to! Keeping the workout fresh, safe, and relevant is critical for success. Make sure you have a trainer, who takes time with you, designs just for you, makes sure you got it, and most importantly that you are safe.

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