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It's SO BIG!

So let's be are probably reading this with nefarious thoughts. But I really want to talk to you about your plate and what are you putting on it. Although many of us try to eat healthy there is just no way to out run the fork. It seems to catch up with us and dog us at every turn.

Portions are one of those topics that no one likes because everyone assumes that reducing portions means you will be hungry. Done incorrectly that is true but done correctly you can eat plenty, feel full and still be on track! Sound too good too be true? I promise you it is doable.

1. You are probably eating WAY too much when you eat out. Portion sizes at a restaurants are generally enough for between 2-4 people. Seriously consider appetizer portions or split your meal in half and just eat for 2 that night!

(Okay- ya'll know I LOVE to exercise but this is JUST crazy-this is why calorie counts are being added to your favorite restaurant menus in some locales)

2. Labels are better but still can be deceiving! Be careful to look at serving sizes and then add up the calories.

Take this popular box of mac and cheese. Most people see it and quickly read 160 calories- NOT bad? But it is for 2.5 oz serving and there are 3 servings for the box. This 1 box should feed a family of 3-4 Not one hungry teenager. UGH!

3. You have to think about how much you serve! It's really important. Feel free to eat 2-3 servings of whatever you want. Calories in have to be burned off at some point but be conscience that you are eating 2-3 servings. You don't have to measure but you do need to be able to judge a bit.

4. Add fruit and vegetables to your diet. You are SUPPOSED to eat 6-8 servings a DAY! If you are doing this you won't be as hungry. You don't have to eat anything fancy. Eat what you like. If you like carrots, apples, and bananas eat those! Don't go nuts trying to eat papaya if you don't really like it!

5. Lastly, food is to be enjoyed. Don't shame yourself for eating a cookie or having chips! Just remember that if you want to have a body that lasts a lifetime you will have to build it with good materials.

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