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Oh You Know What I Am Talking About...

OK...I admit it! I forget stuff, names and faces A LOT! It's really hard for me. So when I was trying to tell a story the other day and it included "well you know and who is that and whats his name", I was really frustrated when the story lost its impact. Now this lack of recall is not cause for alarm nor is it an indication of brain diseases.

However, I do notice that as I have crept into that new age bracket, things don't come quite as quickly anymore. And things I haven't done for years are long gone...that Spanish conjugation I knew so well is junk. I have little to no grasp on my upper level math. Those pathways are just not used so my brain has pruned them for other more "usual" for me information. Everyone has this happen...for example when you ask me why your muscles hurt two days after a workout...I can tell you that or what muscles are what...etc.

But I am getting off track of this point is you need your brain to stay sharp and it needs as much exercise as you do. We tend to focus so much on the muscles of our body and looking good that we underestimate how much we will need our brain throughout our

lives. Sedentary lifestyles can actually lead to smaller brains! Well that is just plain scary. The more you sit at work or watch TV the less brain power. So what do I do about this besides go cry that my brain is turning into mush as I SIT and type this blog!

1. Stand up at work instead of sitting down you tend to perform better!

2. Take more steps to help you get healthier and get the blood flowing- those of you with fitness apps or fitbits aim for 14,000 steps a day!

3. Start engaging your brain in things that require body and brain work- such as juggling, cup stacking, etc. Its really amazing how fast kids can do these things and how much we struggle as we age.

4. Engage with other humans IN PERSON! We are social creatures and need that interaction. Being behind a screen doesn't cut it.

5. Keep learning, reading, and don't assume that because you are all grown up there is nothing more for you to learn. Take a class- sign up for anything that interests you. You will be surprised how much you learn.

Remember the brain needs to be worked out- don't let it get all flabby :)

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