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Well That Was Random...

A little of this and a little of much news has come out that I just had to share it all with family with love that I'm leading off with this first story as I seem to always end up talking about bathroom issues! But this blog will be a mismatch of "new" information!

1. Stinky farts are good for you! Yep...breathing in that egg smelling fart is really good for you. So next time you get trapped in a room with someone who lays one down say thank you. The hydrogen sulfide gas (in small amounts) seems to help prevent cancer, strokes, heart attacks, arthritis, and dementia by preserving mitochondria. (Dr. Mark Wood). Well, I know I will be breathing a sigh of relief. I could not find any information on if dog farts count.... sorry...or for that matter elephant farts!

2. Opioids are linked to MORE chronic pain. WHAT? The doctor put me on ____________for my back, knee, etc and now I am going to have more pain?

Seems like it. The research found that even after as short as 5 days on morphine the body starts to adapt and change its response to the medications. This actually triggers the nerve cell to "cascade" with more pain. WHAT? It's not all doom and gloom though- you can retrain those cells using another medication.

3. BBQ Bristles! Cleaning your BBQ with a wire brush? Who doesn't? Well turns out that those little wire bristles can fall off and then end up in your food. So what you dad and grand-pappy have been doing it for years. Perhaps, their brushes were better made because more than 1600 people have been treated in the last ten years for ingestion related injuries. A better way to clean your BBQ? Aluminum foil crumbled into a ball- rub it all over the bars. All that grime will come right off.

No one wants to eat little wire bristles...ouch!

4. Use the first stall...its generally the cleanest, least frequented and has the most paper. When you are done, flush on the way out the door as the flush sprays a fine mist of bacteria into the air which can make you ill.

At home try to keep you toothbrushes at least 6 feet away from the toilet and when you flush keep the lid down to prevent the mist from coating your toothbrush...YUCK!


Meal-worms are the new environmental hero! Would you be willing to put down your chicken, fish or better still steak and eat a nice bowl of meal-worms? According Wake Forest University, we may be able to solve two problems at once- the lack of food stability and plastic pollution. Meal-worms can be raised on eating Styrofoam and are also super high in protein. The only problem I foresee is getting past the whole eating worms idea! I have to be honest it just seems gross and not the most appetizing. But I may be willing to give it a try...I would need those things to be cooked up good though! No wiggling!

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