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What to Eat at a BBQ? And not regret it later!

Well it's officially summer and that means time to dust off the BBQ!

Time to get grilling and if you are like me overeat. It seems innocent enough because it's hot, you are by the pool (maybe swimming), playing a rousing game of badminton- you worked off those calories. But you really didn't- that's the hard part. Most of those activities are not strenuous enough for you to indulge in your huge burger with extra bacon and a side of potato salad!

So now what- I am not eating lettuce wrapped lettuce at the better give me something!

Good things to nosh on!

1. GO MEATY- Find real meat such as chicken breast, steak tips, or fish. Better still eat kebabs with extra vegetables on them. What says BBQ more than meat on a stick!

2. GO GREEN- Find salad, green beans, etc. These are no brainers and you can load you plate right up with them.

Green beans can actually be grilled and marinated. YUMMY!

3. GET BEANY- Baked beans provide a ton of fiber and are generally low in calories.

Plus you will be helping everyone out with memory loss when you get the toots later. ( refer to previous blogs)

4. GET SLAWED- Coleslaw is generally made with cabbage, carrots, broccoli, and other terrific vegetables. It goes off the rails when it gets coated with mayonnaise. Stick with a vinegar based version and you will be golden.

5. GET FRUITY- Fruit Salad- need I say more? Although fruits do have a lot of sugars you can have a decent serving size. Be mindful if you are diabetic or have pre-diabetes.

6. GET TEAD- Choose unsweetened ice tea instead of beer or cocktails. Some beer and cocktails can be as much as 500 calories! OUCH! Your unsweetened ice tea is only about 5 calories

Remember that BBQ is about food and fun. It is a time to hang out and have fun. So next time you are offered a huge plate of hot-dogs, ask if they have any beans instead!

As always, I am here to help with any questions or concerns.

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