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So I just loved doing my challenges so much and now that August has come...I thought I would challenge my dear readers to take things up a notch. If you would be so kind as to participate in a weekly challenge to improve your wellness for the month of August!

Also you can post your pictures here, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram completing the challenges. I will be offering a free session for those completing and posting each week!

1st challenge: Eat a new fruit or vegetable! Why?

You are supposed to be eating 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day. Most Americans are lucky to get one to two. And those that do get more than that eat the same ones over and over. Branch out and see what fruit and vegetables you have been missing...

Here is a link to what is in season when Fruit and veggies in season

It helps to eat seasonally as then whatever you try will be fresh!

Remember fruits and vegetables provide all your vitamins and minerals and without them...well how are you doing going to keep going? You body processes run on vitamins and minerals. For example, everyone know you get calcium from milk products but many of us don't drink milk then why are we surprised when the doctor tells us we have low blood calcium or even worse osteoporosis! The same is true with fruits and vegetables- this could explain why you are tired, irritated, or run down.

So think of a NEW fruit or vegetable to add this week and start munching away. Then post your awesome picture to one of my social media sites.


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