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Are you STUCK?

Are you stuck? I know I get stuck a lot. Its something that happens for a variety of reasons but when I sat down to write this blog, I thought- why do I get stuck? Why can't I achieve my goals? Then I boiled it down to 2 issues for myself- injury and fear.

Now I generally write pretty funny stuff so this may be out of some people's comfort zone. Take note now.

I set high goals for myself and, if I am honest, everyone in my life. I expect performance especially from myself. As I am aging, my body doesn't like the goals that I always set, and frequently reminds me that I am not 20 anymore. I don't spring back like I used to despite training nearly every day. Two injuries have plagued me for the past 1 year. The first is a stubborn IT band injury that I had injured quite badly a few years back took a whole winter to recuperate and then started the triathlon season strong. Well, its back and with a vengeance. Despite my best efforts at recuperation it is a nagging injury and hurts a lot.

The second injury is to my ankle. I had a severe ankle sprain that put me in a splint for 6 weeks in November 2015.

So why did I share all this with you? Because I still get up and do what I can each day. Some days are WAY better than others but if you wait until you are completely pain free to start working out then you may never start. (Of course you have to make sure that your doctor says it is okay for you to exercise) I could just choose to lay down on the couch and say my IT band hurts everyday and not workout. It does hurt but you know what, when I move, it stops hurting...go figure. And a lot of issues in the body do get better with moderate exercise. You have to get past the idea that you can't because you are injured.

Which leads me to why I don't reach my goals problem #2: FEAR

Fear that I will hurt myself. Fear that I am too old to do this. Fear that I will look stupid. Fear it will cost too much. Fear that I will be last in the race (OH I used to worry about this a lot). Fear that I will die doing this. Fear of doing it by myself.

Fear is hard to deal with and you really have to dig deep and want to achieve that goal so badly that the scary factors don't outweigh it. I have had every fitness related fear I think is possible but I am sure people can come up with some new ones.

The first one I struggled with was being too fat to workout. People would look at me and laugh, judge, etc. So I wouldn't workout and sat at home and ate instead. Then I worked out outside in the dark, then I finally felt skinny enough to go to the gym. Funny thing is no one was looking at me- they are all staring at themselves in the mirror. Seriously!

Fear that I will look stupid- I just owned this one. I figured I did look like a newbie. Cool thing is you can watch EVERYTHING on you-tube so at least you look less like a newbie. Look for someone nice and ask for help. Most people are happy to guide. I know I am especially newbies at triathlons.

Fear that I am going to die doing this...well maybe but at least it was dramatic way to go...Depending on what you are up to- there are usually emergency personnel on site who are going to do their darnest to keep you alive. Oh and when you make it through the first race/event/gym time without dying you are pretty dang proud...

Fear of being last...I want to be last now...they get just as much attention as the person coming in first. Coming some where in the middle like I do- you are well just like everyone else. Everyone is excited for the first and last person. Go figure that I used to worry so much that I would try to sprint at 200 lbs to not be last. Who knew!

I feel sad for all the things I didn't do because I was scared or afraid and stuck in it. The things that I let go by. I want to jump up with my bad IT band and say I can do this...its not that scary. I can try. Set those goals- make it achievable...get accountable by telling everyone what you plan to do. And just get out there....and live unstuck.

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