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Why you really don't exercise?

When you think about this one, you probably come up with a few answers: time, effort, it hurts, too old. But what is the real reason you have yet to leave the screen and go get moving? We will delve into that today as well as some of the excuses we put forth.

Let's face it- you have plenty of time! There are 24 hours in a day. You work for 8-10, sleep for 6-8, eat for 1-2, poop and pee for another 1, so that leaves you with 3 hours in the worst case scenario each day for you to do something. I know I don't pee and poop for an hour a day so WOO HOO extra time! So taking an hour to exercise really doesn't amount to much of your day-

Here's how this plays out- you are tired from work, the kids, the commute, getting dinner, chores, and exercise is just an easy thing to cross of the list. Then you can sit in front of the television and vegetate. You are more comfortable in your pajamas and blankie! Getting going to the gym and all sweaty is a hassle. So turn on Family Feud and relax-ugh! I definitely go tomorrow!

So now, you tell me your old bones can't move like they used to? Of course not. But EVERYONE can move. You will have to modify from when you were 16 but the body is an amazing machine which changes, grows, and gets stronger!

But, Heather, it hurts me to get moving. Now this can be a serious issue. Exercise should never HURT. I don't want any of my clients to feel pain. But when muscles grow there is soreness that occurs. You have to be prepared for that and know the differences. No pain no gain is wrong. But you do need to work up a decent sweat and feel like you worked!

It takes too much effort! BINGO! We like to be comfortable. Well at least I do. First thing I do when I come home is change into comfortable pajamas and flop onto the couch. Exercise is not comfortable. It's the opposite of comfortable. You sweat, you push your muscles, you do things that make you get out of breath, you smell, you get blisters, you feel like barfing sometimes, and this is supposed to make you better? YES!

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is ideal. You can't stay stagnate forever. Get uncomfortable, try something new- it may not be your favorite, you may barf, but you will be able to say, I did it!

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