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It still hanging on!

The unofficial start to summer is here and if you still have a few pounds to go before you are "beach"

ready- why won't those stubborn last few pounds come off like the first few did?

Remember when we first started exercising way back when and the weight loss was easy and the changes were so rewarding. Now it's just a giant slog and there is no real reward except that same old smoothie and a plain piece of chicken waiting at the end of the night. Don't forget we are low carbing so no pasta, rice, potato or anything like bread. But still those last 10-15 pounds are hanging on. WHY?

I am still exercising just as much as I did in the beginning and I

swear I am not cheating on my diet. So what gives?

There are a few major reasons why the body has such a hard time dropping those last few pounds. And believe me you are going to have to work for it to get them!

1. Stop focusing on the scale. The scale can fluctuate as much as 2lbs with dehydration, poo, etc. Instead focus on your body fat percentage. If that is going down, well then- job well done!

2. Your body becomes more efficient as we near our ideal weight. Therefore it will "hold on" to every calorie and spec of food you eat- making it harder to lose the weight as you did initially. Remember that initial weight loss is almost always water weight loss. This is why many gimmicky programs can promise you 10lb in 2 weeks on this or that cleanse. You will be dehydrated and as soon as you eat normally all that water weight comes back. TRY not to be impatient as you near your goal weight. Remember losing 1/2 to 1 lb a week is normal- so a 10 lb week loss should take you at shortest 10 weeks. (so that puts us back at the end of July) As your body is now more efficient, it will take more effort in those workouts to get results. This is a positive. You have made your body stronger and more conditioned! Up your intensity and heart rate to 80% and get it grooving.

3. Track EVERYTHING- food, exercise, water, sleep, stress. All of these can contribute to lack of weight loss. You need to know EXACTLY how many calories you need to take in and how many you are burning off. Be cautious to not overestimate the number of calories you burn during cardio exercises. Many apps, machines, etc overestimate and therefore allow you to overeat. If you are interested in finding out what your specific needs are- just contact me here-

4. Calories in must be less than calories out! NO matter which diet you subscribe to, this is how the body works. You can't lose weight if you are taking in more calories than you burn off. Consider what works for your lifestyle, sustainability, and convenience.

Full disclosure here: I do put most of my clients on lower carb diets- here's why: Most people eat way too much "starch"(pasta, bread, rice, corn, potato, etc) This adds up to a lot of calories fast in a day without much nutritional benefit. Cutting out starchy foods will reduce the amount of calories, leave room for better carbohydrates and still lead to healthy weight loss.

5. Change it up. Your body doesn't get bored of exercise but it definitely gets conditioned. If you always walk or run or swim or zoomba, this is going to get easier for you. EVEN if you get a sweat on. Try something completely different and you will see changes and work muscles you didn't even know you had.

Then you should start to see the scale moving, the pants getting loose and those big ole biceps popping out! No matter what, don't get frustrated and give up. Weight loss and weight maintenance are very difficult- commend yourself for what you have achieved- don't degrade yourself for these last few pounds. Remember this is not a sprint but an ultra-marathon that lasts the rest of your life.

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