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It's too hot to exercise???

So here we are in the dog days of summer and it's really hot outside. Not only is it hot, but its humid. So if you are like me, you start using this as an excuse that now it's dangerous to exercise so you better stay inside where the A/C is protecting you.


Is it really too hot to exercise? And when is that?

The answer really isn't simple. It depends on you, your conditioning, medical issues, and the weather. Let's break it down.

1. The ideal weather conditions for exercise are 75 degrees and relatively low humidity so that sweat can be evaporated from your body. When the mercury rises along with the humidity it makes it harder for your body to cool itself. BUT that doesn't mean you can't still go on a 90 degree day if you are well conditioned. UGH

2. Conditioning- if you are well conditioned and when you go out in the heat you don't feel sick, lightheaded, etc then it maybe okay. But experts warn to not push yourself and to work out early or later in the day. Be very mindful to hydrate before you start your activity. After is too late.

3. Medical issues- if you have breathing issues such as asthma, bronchitis this can be made worse by poor summer ozone. You will want to get your indoor activities on.

BUT, here is the part no one wants to matter how hot it is outside you can always exercise inside or go swimming.

Don't let these dog days turn into the lazy, hazy days that then turn in taco Tuesdays! Try this simple routine at home or this simple swimming pool workout.

And think in just a few short months we will be in sweaters and comforters, complaining it's too cold to exercise.

Wishing you always the best in health!



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