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Ditch It?


I gave you 60 lbs of sugar and told you to eat would balk at me and tell me that is disgusting.  But you eat that every year- some of us eat more.  That just seems like so much and I am sure that none of us eat that much- right?  

Sugar is hidden in both healthy and unhealthy foods that we consume everyday.  It's REALLY hard to get away from eating NO sugar.  

First you need to distinguish between types of sugars which are not all created equal.  Added sugars are not the same as natural sugars.  You body has trouble processing HFCS  and when you eat loads of it things start going array.

So maybe it is time to think about giving up on added sugar and getting clear. 

 Here are the top reasons you should give up sugar:

1. Sugar can increase your risks of certain cancers especially pancreatic. All cells feed off of glucose but can easily be tricked into feeding off of your other added sugars.  Try to choose food that are lower on the GI index 

2.  Sugar can make your skin wrinkly?

 That is not ok- I mean I want to look as beautiful as possible but chowing down on a snickers bar is going to make me

look old???  No fair.  Sugar is out!

3. Sugar helps you stay sharp.  Here's the tricky part- your brain has to run on glucose but uncontrollable levels of glucose can reek havoc in the memory and cognition center.

 It can cause the brain to atrophy and/or vascular dementia.  Yikes!

So what are you to do?  Try to eat lean proteins and more fruits and veggies.  You can do it!  Even if you cut down to 59lbs a year that's a big step!

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