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So, Where did you get that?

Leggings, yoga pants, bike shorts, running shorts- I have them all and if I am truly honest, I do have favorite brands. I get asked A LOT where do I get my pants, shoes, sports bras, socks, etc.

So this blog is for the shopper in you who wants to buy new gear:

1. Shoes- I only wear Asics. And in fact have been wearing them for many years. I fell in love with the gel nimbus and have never looked back. You will have to find what shoe works best for you as every athlete is different. I currently run and train in the Gel Nimbus 19.

I buy my shoes from Runner's Alley. Almost every town has a running store that can help you find the right shoe for you. DO NOT be intimidated if you feel you have a lack of knowledge or experience. Everyone has to start somewhere. Remember, ultimately if the shoe feels crummy, it feels crummy and only you can determine that.

2. Socks- There are so many. This leads me to 2 different areas of my life. If I am running for myself I use blister resistant, quick drying socks. I know, if you looked at the link, $15 for a pair of socks is a lot. But having feet that are destroyed by blisters and/or raw is worth WAY more. If I am working with clients then I can use an athletic sock.

3. Pants, shorts, and other bottoms- I go every where from the internet to the outlets. I do not subscribe to any once a month clubs as I am VERY particular in fit and see-through needs. Please remember that how you wash your athletic gear will make a HUGE difference in its longevity. You do not have to break the bank to get a good pair of leggings.

By far, I have been very happy with champion's leggings and tops. AND, if you are reading this in NH, we have a lovely outlet to shop at as well.

4. Sports Bras- YOU NEED ONE! There is no substitute for a good sports bra. You also need to take the time to get fit correctly. First triathlon of the season last year and the swim was indoors. I had a nice, brand new sports bra to swim in. I often swim in a sports bra and my shorts as then I can go directly to the bike. This sports bra was VERY expensive and looked great. I jumped in the pool, started swimming and the whole bra dragged down-sooo I was very free! After a quick wardrobe adjustment, I was on my way on the bike.

Moral of this story- Get fit and make sure the bra is appropriate for the activities you have in mind.

If you live in NH, I recommend Zoe's. You will have a great fit and be really supported!

Athletic gear should make you feel good! Pick out what you like, what feels right and go with that. Don't be overly concerned by brands, price, etc. Happy shopping and save some stuff for me!

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