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Why You Need to Break Up With Your Scale!

Let's face's that down time between Thanksgiving and Christmas; you probably over indulged on Thanksgiving and first thing Monday morning jumped on the bathroom scale to see how bad the damage was. The results of this number then set the tone for the rest of the day if not the week. You may right now be munching on the every popular celery stick thinking I can do this...I can get that number down.

Here's the thing...your scale is probably wrong A LOT. Let me explain before you revolt and shut down the iPad.

1. You weigh the least in the morning due to dehydration from the long nights sleep. This is why when you go to see how great you did after all day dieting you actually gained weight at the end of the day. You are just properly hydrated now-sorry.

2. Your scale,even if normal, may show you a fluctuation of 2 lbs in either direction. This can be very distressing.

3. Every time you move your scale it needs to be re-calibrated- UGH you serious? I move my each time I use it. It's not as bad as it seems but you really need to make an effort to be accurate otherwise go back to read #2 again!

4. Massive weight loss and/or gain is NOT normal. You should not nor participate (unless recommended by your physician)in weight loss/gain programs that are rapid. It is very taxing on the body. Thus your scale is not going to reflect any major changes day to day. There is no need to weigh yourself daily.

SOOOO you ask- how do I know if I am gaining/losing/maintaining? Let's get real here! I've been on all ends of this debate. I have gained, lost, maintained, stalked the scale and ignored it.

1. You know when you are gaining weight. You clothes get tight. Find that awesome pair of jeans that fit JUST right. REALLY well. When they are snug

even out of the dryer....what does that tell you? If they are loose?

2. Measure yourself. Get a measuring tape- no not for wood working but for sewing and start seeing if the inches are melting off. Especially those of you are working out and really re-sculpting your bodies.

3. If the scale says you gained a pound. Its okay- the world will not end! You could just need to go poop, re-calibrate the scale, or take off that massive sweater. The scale should not dictate how you run your lifestyle. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle that is a forever commitment not a when I get to "X" weight I can then stop it. TRUST ME!

So during this holiday season, take the challenge to break up with your scale and embrace the new you that lives a healthier lifestyle because you want to not because a number influenced you!

Yours in good health and fitness,


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