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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, just like us, has changed immensely over the years.  From harvest celebration to remembrance/day of prayers to a day for families to come together, Thanksgiving has taken on numerous meanings over the years.   One thing we can all agree on in this modern day is that Thanksgiving is a day of eating.  But how close are we to celebrating our harvest feast just like the pilgrims? 

Our first Thanksgiving was probably meat heavy and had very little sweets and few carbs.

Let's take a look at what was most likely on that initial menu:

This menu rounds in at ~1200 calories if you eat 1/2 a duck

Duck or other waterfowl

Lobsters, Mussels, Oysters






Our menu comes in at ~1350 and I didn't include sweet potato pie, green bean casserole,sausage stuffing, pecan pie, drinks, or appetizers!  The typical American will eat well over 3000 calories in one meal.  


Click here for some tips to avoid the food coma or turkey crash.  You can do this not only on Turkey Day but everyday.    Click here to see how you can have your pie, gravy and turkey too and manage to keep track everything at  100 calories a piece.

No matter if you got a duck, lobster, or a turkey on the menu this Thursday, be thankful for it! 

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