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Why We Need A Routine~

Being in a pattern and having healthy habits is helps to keep us stable! Being unsettled from

Covid19, unemployment, home-schooling, etc is very unsettling. Dealing with Covid19 is a fight that has no clear end and because of this we find that we cannot plan, keep our schedules, etc. Humans thrive on stability, routine, and structure. During this time try hard to maintain your personal structure. This is easier said than done! Here are some suggestions to keep your own routine moving forward:


1. Keep regular work hours! I know this is a difficult one especially for those of you with young children that you are now homeschooling. Try to do your best and work those normal hours. If you are on furlough or laid off, and homeschooling treat each day like a school day.

2. Pack a lunch- if you normally pack the same. Make your salad, sandwich etc. It will be helpful to have that same routine. Then you won't end up standing in the kitchen all lunch hour making different lunches for all while eating a granola bar for you.

3. GET DRESSED! You don't go to work in your PJs so don't work from home in them. There is strong evidence that when you dress you feel better. Put on a BRA, take a shower, shave, put on makeup. You can do it!

4. Get outside for recess! Everyone needs this. Schedule recess for everyone! Take the kids and you outside for at least 30 minutes each day. Here are some ideas for games to play.

5. Air out your house everyday. Here's why!

6. Go to bed at a responsible hour. Sleep helps to build your immune system and you need to get your rest to fight off viral infections.

7.Limit your yummies and alcohol. Remember you're not on vacation but working from home or social distancing or stay at home ordered. Sugar and alcohol both inflame the body which is not helpful fighting infections.

8. Find a project to do. Start a garden, learn to sew, knit, write a book, etc. Do all those things that you "never have time for" In WWII, victory gardens were very popular way to help keep the food supply local and sustainable. Why not start your own victory garden now?


Remember it is okay to be sad- to grieve for what scares, worries, or makes you anxious. Your feelings are VERY real and valid. Covid19 like all infections that have been on Earth will pass and there will be another side to this. We just need to stay this course and do our best. Stay healthy!




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