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When Food Is Sneaky

We all eat food that we know isn’t healthy but what about food that we thought was healthy but isn’t! ACK! Don’t start attacking the only things I have left to eat. I know, I know, you don’t want to be left with only sprouts and quinoa to eat! There are tons of great products out there and you CAN make wiser choices.

With most of America on the heavier side (68%) and weight linked to issues such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, cancer, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, and fatty liver disease you really want to start thinking about what you put in your mouth. It’s really getting serious. Weight (as I have discussed previously) sneaks up on you. You don’t wake up one day and weigh 220 pounds. It's slow and sneaky…. Oh it's just a couple extra pounds that I put on this week or month. I am sure I will lose it soon. BUT, it never comes off and it just adds on and on.

Before we get too sad about our weight, you know if you need to lose weight. No one needs to tell you or harp on you. But I can tell you as a former overweight person, you will feel different once the weight is gone. It stinks getting there and it's hard but it's worth it.

Once you have decided it's time to get healthy, let’s make sure you are not sabotaging yourself with some sneaky foods pretending to be healthy.

This is MY list of sneaky foods:

Diet Soda: I could go on forever on this blog about why you shouldn’t drink diet soda but… let’s start with the bone depleting phosphorus that can trigger osteoporosis. Remember earlier as overweight individuals we are already at risk :(

Soda is also artificially sweet; tricking your body and making it hard to regulate calorie intake. In short, you don’t feel full.

Soda is also VERY acidic so this is hard on your teeth. Sensitivity- ouch

Smoothies- Unless you make your own at home, you are most likely consuming a host of chemicals and sugar. Again, confusing your body into how to regulate itself. Smoothies are my go to for clients especially for non-breakfast eaters. You can get a lot of nutrition in one drink but you really need to do your research first

Protein/Granola Bars- You don’t need these! I know I said it! These are a convenience food. Protein bars are generally loaded with sodium and sugar. And let’s be honest most of us are not training to the level of intensity that you need 30g of protein post workout. I don’t need it after a triathlon- a simple banana will do. It's a hard concept to get through our heads but all that extra protein is just wasted or worse still stored.

Dried Fruit: This is a BE CAREFUL food. Some is excellent and some is just sugar snacks. Again, why increase your risk of diabetes or other obesity related diseases. Plus why can’t you eat the real thing?

Yogurt: Most commercially prepared yogurt is just loaded with sugar. It's really scary. In a ½ cup of yogurt most have 3 teaspoons of sugar. In popular kids drinkable yogurts there are 2 teaspoons of sugar in that one little tiny drink- Never mind the flavorings, colorings, etc. If you like yogurt and I eat a ton; buy plain. Add your own sugar. I found I can’t even add a whole teaspoon without feeling ill or better still add fresh fruit.

Remember even a small change is better than no change. You can do this. If you drink 2-3 sodas a day, drop down to 1, if you eat protein bars- try adding in a banana or a glass of milk instead.

As always- YOU GOT THIS!

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