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Do You Even Notice?

Based on numerous legislative pushes and our obesity crisis, our labels are quietly changing. While shopping today this is what I found:

Calories COUNT! Well that they do! But I have to be honest, I had to stare at the machine to find the calories on it. Can you see them in this picture? They are there I promise! To be fair, this vendor does suggest to read the calories and then make a good choice...but it was hard to find the calories in my opinion. Never-mind if you were hot, thirsty, tired, or worst still- have a screaming child yelling to hurry up or that you are getting the wrong thing.

There it is circled in can see it now right? So my question is does it even matter? Research has indicated that when you "see" the calories you will most likely choose something less caloric. OR is this just a bunch of ivory tower talk.

I personally find it helpful, but if that was what I really wanted it would just make me feel guilty- not sure I would change behaviors and choose the water instead. If you notice there are little yellow flags next to healthier choices! But to my dismay, diet soda and sports drinks both had yellow flags which each have their own issues-UGH! (we will save that for another blog)

So as we move forward in this state of label confusion, do you even care? Do you even look? And if so what are you looking for?

Counting carbs, calories, fats, trying to eat clean?

As always knowledge is power, share your comments and questions.

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