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I'm stuck at office- now what?

Beatrice is on vacation, the computer system is malfunctioning, the copier is broken, your biggest client wants the order now and its not ready, the boss left you in charge and went on a urgent business trip. So you have been working extra hours and the work out routine has gone away- unless you count the endless trips to the snack machine!

How can you maintain consistency in the real world when you are faced with ending job pressure and stress?

1. Take a break! Not only will you be a better employee but function better. Constant working takes a toll on the body and the mind. Sitting endlessly at the desk leads to more mmmistakess and you will have more muscle tension. (haha- see what I did there)

You may notice that your computer co-workers have literally started to hunch over as we type away.

2. Get up and stretch. If only to walk around the office a few times. Think about ANYTHING but work. Roll your shoulders and if possible pretend you are a helicopter with your arms.

3. Get outside! If possible, take 15 minutes for lunch or dinner and

walk around outside. This break from air conditioning, fake light, and stale air will rejuvenate the brain and muscles.

4. Take the stairs. It seems silly but this adds to your fitness level A LOT! If you are going to work for 12-16 hours sitting going up and down the stairs to meetings and such will make a big difference.

5. Get an exercise ball or a standing desk. This was all the rage a while ago and the idea has faded. Using either one of these adds to your level of fitness during the day.

I use an exercise ball as my chair and have for years. It forces you to engage the core and balance all while trying to type, work, staple, etc.

Lastly, try not to use the office as your excuse not to exercise. You have only 1 chance at this life and you want the BEST body to live it in. You only need 30-60 minutes a day and though we say that is WAY too much that works out to be 0.06 of your day! You probably spend more time eating and frankly going to the bathroom. I totally get it though- after all day covering for Beatrice and all the malfunctions that happen in the office you want to come home put on the PJ's and collapse. Here's the deal though, exercise is the probably the most under utilized anti-depressant. You most likely will feel better post workout and strangely have more energy. I make this mistake a lot working out later in the evening and then trying to go right off to bed....I can't. Just all pumped up.

I know you doubt it and think- NO WAY. So when Beatrice and the boss come back get back on schedule, make exercise like any other appointment that you wouldn't cancel and get out there.

As always if you need help, I am here for your questions or concerns.

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