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Brain only takes 10 days

So you know you just got the kids back to school, you have been on vacation...and well you haven't really been devoted to your exercise routine. You think that this will just cause you to have some horizontal spread but it is really hurting your cognitive abilities according to a new study from the University of Maryland Public Health. WHAT????? I just am getting to relax after sending the kids back to school and now you are telling me I am going to have brain fog!

So who cares you say, I am already dumb...seems like in just 10 days with a lack of exercise you have a decline in blood flow to the vital parts of the brain that control aspects of memory and other vital functions. We have long know that exercise diminished the risk of Alzheimers; but this is new that in as small as 10 days the blood flow to the brain is "significantly reduced"! WHOA! Slow if I get really sick or take a nice long vacation my blood flow slows? (unless your ideal vacation is mine- hiking non-stop)

YEP! Scary!

This is down right scary. So more research needs to be done to see if you start exercising again, if you can reverse the effects.

Here is my opinion, the research with Alzheimer patients has been positive, to increase activity in the brain with increasing exercise- so a correlation could be draw that with renewed exercise the brain should recover but I can't promise you that.

I can tell you this...10 days will NEVER pass again without me exercising. What a easy way for me to add to my longevity and brain health.

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