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Master to the FitBit?

I am slow to get on a bandwagon. I don't like fitness trends. Let's just be honest here. I think a lot of "new" stuff is hokey and so I tend to resist unless there is good evidence why I should do it. I have resisted being tracked monitored and otherwise told to workout by a fit bit, misfit, Garmin, jawbone, etc.

While you may work out more in the first few months, most people end up ditching the electronic systems within the first 6 months. Leaving us right back where we started with an accountability problem.

Seems that gadgets cannot replace us humans yet for the encouragement that personal trainers can provide! Nothing is better to get you moving and shaking (literally) than knowing you are meeting tomorrow with you trainer and have to account for what you did or didn't do. The electronics don't talk with you and advise you. Now some do link up with apps and groups but you have to be willing to do that portion.

If the reason you are not progressing in your training is a lack of accountability, lay down the electronics (OK well pick it back up for a

second) and give me a text or call and we can get you moving. I promise to hold you accountable all day long.

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