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Can You Handle 14 Days?

14 days to make you healthier, wiser, and better! Can you handle the challenge. Take it on with me during the first 14 days of March. You can handle the truth!

Day 1: Eat a green food

Day 2: Drink a glass of water before breakfast

Day 3: No salt shaker today

Day 4: No sweets today

Day 5: Walk for 20 minutes

Day 6: Get up and move every hour

Day 7: Follow this stretching routine

Or one of your own

Day 8: Go outside for an hour

Day 9: Go to bed an hour earlier

Day 10: Eat a homemade lunch

Day 11: Do 20 squats every time you check social media

Day 12: Take your coffee or tea plain today

Day 13: Pay it forward today

Day 14: No alcohol today

Day 15: Report how you feel and which days were the hardest!

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