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3 Supplements You Have to Add to Your Diet and a Bonus

If you've ever been in the supplement section of any store or been shopping online the sheer volume of vitamins/minerals is overwhelming. How do I start? What do I really need?

Now ideally your diet should be picture perfect so supplemental nutrition isn't needed. However, most of us do not eat well enough nor foods that are nutrient-dense to meet all our daily requirements.

I personally LOVE to supplement but what is the bare minimum you should consider adding to your diet and why?

Probiotic! Probiotics help balance the microbes in the belly! Your microbes can get off course for a variety of reasons from the use of antibiotics, poor diet, illness, and more. Taking the probiotic can also help keep harmful microbes from taking hold reducing your risks of "stomach flu" and other illnesses. Need to know what and how much to take...Probiotic Basics HERE

Vitamin D! Unless you spend all your time sunbathing you may want to think hard about adding Vitamin D to your diet. Vitamin D helps with maintaining a positive mood and decreasing depression. Vitamin D also helps with fighting illness and disease. Vitamin D can reduce your risks of MS, heart disease, and the flu. What is not to love about that? As if we couldn't love Vitamin D anymore, there is evidence that it helps you control your appetite as well so those of us looking to drop a few may be for you. How much Vitamin D do I need?

Magnesium! Get ready...magnesium is a powerhouse and well deserved. I'm not sure what this little supplement can't handle. Magnesium can help you exercise better, harder, faster! So you may enjoy the whole process more because it is less challenging. Magnesium may help with depression and it helps with critical brain functioning. Along this line, magnesium is a great way to treat chronic migraines as well. Magnesium can help you lower your blood sugar reducing your risk of Type 2 diabetes. As well as reducing your blood sugar, it can help you also reduce your insulin resistance. Insulin resistance can lead to diabetes as well as weight gain, especially around the middle. Magnesium can also help lower your blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and reduce symptoms of PMS! (I started taking magnesium for muscle inflammation and migraine control and it has worked brilliantly)

BONUS: Fish Oil (Omega 3s) Fish oils may help protect you from heart disease and stroke. But it may also help with lowering triglycerides, easing arthritis pain, and managing depression. Aim to eat fish 2x a week if you want to avoid a supplement.


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