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4 Exercises That EVERYONE Should be Able to Do! (and a bonus)

So this is one of those articles that you click on and hope that you can do all the exercises BUT seriously you really should be able to do all of these exercises. If you are struggling to get these done, don't get discouraged. Let's have a conversation about how we can get it done!

Getting Up From The Floor!

You should be able to get down on all fours sit on the floor in a criss-cross position and then get back on all fours, put one foot into a lunge-like position, and rise up to standing without holding onto a sturdy object. Bonus points if you do not have to brace on your thigh to get up from the lunge like position.


The squat is the most versatile movement of all. You need to squat to sit on the toilet, squat to get into the car, squat to sit in a chair. Lose the ability to squat correctly and many activities of daily living are limited. You want to be able to get into a 90-degree position with your bottom moving backward while the knees line up with the ankles.

Stand On One Leg

You should be able to stand on one leg with the other leg touching just above your knee for approximately 30 seconds on each side without holding on to anything. You should not be wobbling all over the place. Balance needs to be practiced. Falling is NOT normal at any age! Balance training will help you feel more confident navigating daily challenges such as uneven floors, stairs, and even snowy surfaces.

Reach arms over your head.

Take both arms and reach up over your head as if you are raising both hands in class to ask a question. You should be able to raise your arms up over your head with ease and without pain. Reaching overhead is another basic movement that you will be using in all activities of daily living. Those arm, shoulder, neck, and back muscles are definitely stronger when you can hang a new shower curtain without arm burn~

BONUS: Touch your toes! Hinging at the hips, you should be able to forward fold and touch your toes. If you can only touch your thighs, knees, etc that is a good starting point but maybe an indication that you need to stretch the hamstrings.

How'd you do? Did you get all 4? Try working on these movements every day and you should see an improvement within 30 days! As always if you need help message me for more information!


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